Wardrobe Advice for Stock Photo Models

As an experienced photographer I thought about giving some advice to models and models to be. A few words about preparing your wardrobe for your photo-shoot, a few tips to help photographer & model to have a better shoot. Hope you will find it useful.

By following these few simple steps you can make the whole experience a lot smoother and easy going.

So lets get started…

Clothes (outfits)

Although your shoot usually consists about four to six outfits I advise you to bring as many as possible. This will help you, photographer and stylist select what will look best for your photographs.

Your clothes should be fashionable and fit you well. You don’t want your clothes to look baggy on you. It will only result in making you look bigger than you really are.

Think which outfits go together, for example there’s no point bringing a skirt if you have no top to match it, and honestly why bringing five skirts and only one top?

Save your time and suitcase space by arranging outfits in advance, modelling is not just turning up on the day with a few things thrown into a bag.

A photographer prepares for a shoot and so should a model. If you don’t have many clothes then ask your friends if you can borrow some or go shopping for a few outfits.

Sometimes models will shop for clothes especially for the shoot and return them after the photo session. Remember that some clothes may look great to shoot in however you wouldn’t wear them out so use a bit of imagination too!

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Although your shoes aren’t that important because most shots will not show your feet, ensure that ALL labels are removed and the shoes are in good cosmetic condition and not covered in scuffs & muck,
it’s best to keep modelling shoes separate from the normal life ones.


Lingerie should be in good condition and kept in matching sets, there’s nothing worse than digging through a suitcase of mixed lingerie trying to find a matching set only to find that you left the knickers in the laundry!

It’s best to keep lingerie in order (use clip freezer bags for example), this not only keeps sets together however makes it easier to find and speeds up choosing.

Bring different colour bras and underwear.


Wearing them in poor condition not only reflects poorly on the model however also cheapens the look, so check if stockings are without snags and ladders in them.

Stockings only cost a few dollars, so either look after or replace them.


Remember about this little details as most outfits benefit from accessories. Bring belts, gloves, stockings, socks, jewellery, hair clips etc. to your photo shoot. However again keep these in separate clip bags so they don’t get snagged or tangled.

Well that’s the basis how to prepare. I think I covered some fundamental rules about outfits and accessories which hopefully will help and guide you a bit.

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash