9 Fantastic Tips on How to Take Stock Photos

Photography has always been one of the favorite hobbies of people around the world. At this time, there are millions of people who are involved in this business and they are pursuing it as their profession. And when talking of professional photographers, stock photos are the first thing that comes in our mind.

In case, you are one of those amateurs wondering how to take stock photos, read this article carefully. Here, we are going to talk about some ways that will help you a lot in getting the best stock photos. These things are quite important to care about when you have to take stock photos that would stand unique among others.

9 Tips on How to Take Stock Photos

Okay, so now let’s take a look at nine points that you should care about while shooting stock photos.

Try to shoot something unique

This is the thing that people are looking for. It happens very often that the photos from normal grade photographers become far more popular as compared to that of the companies. This is only because of uniqueness. That is what matters in stock photography.

You can take unique photos only if you have proper observing skills. You need to be very attentive to the details. This is what makes your photos unique. Such things can’t be acquired in a day or two instead you have to spend some time on it.

If you travel a lot, your camera should be with you all the time. So, you have ample opportunity to grab something worthy.

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Try to capture the best even from a commonplace

You will learn about the details only when you shoot a lot of photos. If you have several photos in your hands, you can decide the best, and this way you develop a sense of finding details in a photograph.

The subject should be properly in focus and make sure that there is no logo, property, etc. in your photo without having their permissions. Try to shoot a photo that has some creativity and meaning in it. You can’t tell a proper story if your subject is not exposed clearly.

Taking the same photos from different angles may give the same photo a completely different look.

Have good knowledge about the trends

If you have joined a platform like Shutterstock, you will always be aware of the trends going on around the world. There might be some other platforms like that as well but your main purpose is to know about the trends.

Whenever you are shooting something, always have information about the trends. This will help you take photos that have a chance to be sold in the market quickly.

Give a natural feel to your photo

Your photo should seem natural whenever someone looks at it. You can either produce such photos by making proper arrangements in there or you can also shoot from real events. Whenever you go to a party or any other event, there are plenty of things that you can shoot. You can utilize those occasions to get what you want.

A photo should look and feel alive. If you are shooting a photo of some person, try to shoot it when he is doing something. This way you are going to give that photo a natural look.

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Don’t look for symmetrical arrangements in your photos. Symmetry is a thing that often kills the natural look of a photo. Whenever you are arranging many items in the same photograph, don’t arrange them in a symmetrical way.

Pay more attention to the subject

When you are shooting a photo where multiple objects are there, try to make your subject stand-alone and bold. It should be such that anyone looking at the photo would recognize the subject before anything else.

You should try to keep the unnecessary objects out of the frame in the first place but if those extra objects need to be in the photo, your focus on the subject should be very sharp.

Know about the purpose of your photo

In most cases, advertisers look for photos. And just like this, there may be several other purposes as well. While shooting the photo, keep in mind that where this photo is going to find its place. If it is good for the advertisers, there should be room for the name of the brand and your photo should not contain any other trademarks or brand names.

Shoot photos in higher resolution

This is a very important thing to note in your photography. If your photo is going to be used in advertisements or for any other similar purpose, a larger size of that photograph will be needed. In order to maintain clarity even in large sizes, you need to shoot well-lit photos in the highest possible resolution on your camera.

Look for imperfections

This is a rather important thing to do before making your final submission. Several imperfections require very careful attention. You need to be that attentive in this matter. But the buyers are well-aware about how to pick the best. So, in order to avoid a situation when you wonder about why your photo got rejected, you should make it free from any imperfection.

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Have your own style

No matter how many photos you shoot related to which topics? You should always have your own style. If you are able to shoot something better than others. If you find that you are doing a better job in a specific genre, make it your style. After spending some time in it, you will be an expert in this area.


I think the points mentioned above are enough to answer your question of how to take stock photos. If you have a vision of what you are shooting and the message from that capture, this field is very good for you. Always remember that there is room for improvement before making the final submission.

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels