5 Simple Tips to Capturing Breathtaking Photos

Photography is an interesting hobby that can also earn you money. With your photographic skills you can take amazing photos that are admired by one and all. If it is your passion you can become a great photographer too. You can learn the techniques all by yourself to take amazing pictures.

You can refer to the guides on photography and learn the techniques used for taking great pictures. Over time once you gain those skills you can become an expert in that.

The following 5 simple tips on photography would help you propel yourself towards your passion.

Using rule of thirds to frame shots

If you are framing your objects in the centre of the photograph, it would not be an interesting photograph. You have to place them using the rule of thirds which suggests you to frame the objects in the left one-third portion or the right one-third portion to get amazing pictures.

However if you want to break the rules it is better to know the rules first-hand before you break them.

Use diagonal lines in landscape photos

If you ever want to get the attention of the viewers to your subjects in the landscape pictures, you have to use the diagonal lines. If you are taking photo of a flowing river or a line of trees, it is better to frame them diagonally in landscape pictures.

Placing them diagonally would get amazing shots. You can also make those diagonal lines converge at a point to get stunning pictures. Keep an eye for diagonal lines. Lines can start from a point or converge at point. It is up to you to use these geometric shapes well in your photographs.

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Understand the importance of lighting

Light is one of the basic elements in photography that can convey the mood of the subject very well. You can alter the lighting in a photo and change the mood easily.

Using lighting properly in your photograph is definitely a different skill that can’t be ignored. Capture the lighting properly and use it wisely to bring out amazing pictures.

Try using different angles

You can make your photograph look different by changing the angle of the shots to a different one than normal. For this you have to position yourself in a different angle and look at the subject at a different angle. Do not stand in front of the subject and take shots.

You can position yourself near ground with the camera angle from the ground up. Positioning the camera in the top angle would also give a different view.

Proper framing gives interesting touch

The subjects of your photograph should be framed properly so that the photograph looks interesting. When you are taking landscape photographs it is better to frame it with some object in the foreground. That object could be an overhanging branch too. Using this technique often, which is also a common technique, would get you good landscape photographs.

It is only through practice you can fine-tune any skill and it aptly applies to photography. You can take impressive photos as you gain experience and skills.

Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash